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Selling through A & M Decoys & Folk Art

trusted.  quality.  guaranteed.

We have the capacity to handle entire collections or individual pieces at your price.
Privately selling year-round, your item doesn't have to wait months to sell uncontrollably at auction.

Benefit from our reputation as sellers of high-quality items while operating with the utmost ethical conduct.

Our firm has always been recognized as dealing in the highest quality regardless of the price point.  95% of our inventory is 100% original.

We offer a Guarantee on our lots.  Many dealers do not, and our clients enjoy this comfort in collecting.

Low Rates
We have the most competitive commission rates.  No auction house can beat our rates unless they plan on giving you part of the buyers premium

Let our modern understanding of digital marketing and interconnectivity work for you. Propel your consignment past basic methods of print advertising

Maintain total control over the sale of your property. Your property always sells for the agreed to price.  No more bad surprises at auction.

Fast Payouts
Possibly the fastest payouts in the industry.  No more waiting 45+ days to maybe get your money.  Sometimes taking as little as 3 days.

We have our finger on the pulse and are constantly aware of market trends and news.  However, some of our most valuable research comes from history.  We have one of the most complete libraries which has allowed us to uncover unknown carvers.  In one case taking a $2,500 shorebird a consignor had recently purchased at auction and selling it for $22,500.  In many cases we've uncovered provenance and published history once forgotten about their property increasing the salability and their return.

Attention to Detail
We provide incredible attention to detail to all of our lots.  One of the many complaints we've received about other dealers and auction houses is the lack of attention given to the sellers consigned item.  Whether it was missed photographs, missed provenance, missed literature, poor descriptions, or even the entire misattribution of consigned lots, we have committed to taking the time to make sure your property is listed right. Improving the prospect of a successful sale immensely.

All transactions are confidential and secure.  Read our Testimonials to hear from other satisfied consignors and buyers.

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