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Stylized red and white patterned sucker decoy by Leroy Howell (1898-1988) Hinkley, MN c.1940-50's.  Wood carved tail and carved eyes.


"Leroy Howell created stylized rather than realistic fish decoys, and often decorated them with painted lines, dots, and flowers. He trained as a housepainter and originally carved decoys just for personal use. His work became popular with other fishermen, however, and he traveled around Minnesota taking orders for decoys before the start of the spearing season" (Kimball, The Fish Decoy, vol. I, 1986).


Leroys fish are prized pieces of Minnesota Folk Art.  Many are held in prominent  collections and museums across the country.  Including the Smithsonian, Brooklyn, & Philadelphia Museum.


Condition: Very good.  Strong original paint with some flaking and paint loss to one fin




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Sucker Decoy - Leroy Howell


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