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Rare Life-size Pheasant

George Strunk (b. 1958)

Glendora, NJ, c. 2000

23 long"


George is a highly sought after working decoy maker who's occasionally known to apply his talents to other creations such as this pheasant.  As such, there are far fewer examples of this nature by George.


The curious pheasant carving bears an alert posture with the head slightly looking off to the left.  The waddle has some relief carving and the bill is slightly detailed.  The wings are tight to its side with the flight feathers being relief carved.  The elongated tail is relief carved as well to simulate long feathers.  The bird his hollow carved and placed on a custom base by George.  The bright feather plumage is beautifully painted in oils.


Signed under the bottom by George.


Condition: Very good and original.  Tight age check in neck and on the underside.


*List price is Check or Cash price.  Online payment purchases will have an additional 5% processing fee surcharge.  Please contact with any questions!  Thank you for your business!

Life-size Pheasant - George Strunk


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