Mallard Drake - Roy Conklin

Mallard Drake - Roy Conklin

High head Mallard Drake by Roy Conklin of Alexandria Bay, New York c.1950's.  Brilliant paint pattern with comb feathering.  In an appealing alert, high head pose.  Carved bill and glass eyes. 


In Roy's early years he had an attraction to local wildfowl, doodling birds in the margins of his school books.  He would later study art in the evenings at Columbia University where he worked for the New York Sun.


Being a true riverman at heart, Roy moved back to the Alex Bay area just before the Great Depression where he was a boat captain, fishing guide, and carpenter in the Alex Bay area.  Due to the seasonal nature of his work he found himself carving whimsical miniatures in winter 1932 to 'amuse himself and earn a little extra money'.  Fast forward a few years and Roy developed quite a local and regional following for his miniatures and decorative carvings fulfilling orders for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch in New York, NY.  During WWII Roy transitioned to defense work to assist his nation, but the business didn't shutter.  According to the Watertown Daily Times in 1953, Roy was selling through many outlets accross the nation and world including Abercrombie & Fitch New York, NY, Castle & Cooke, Honolulu, HI, Marshall-Field, Chicaco, IL, and Harrods, Ltd., London, UK.  The Sportsmen's Club of Chicago named him and honorary member and Lynn Bogue Hunt even complimented Roy on the authentic expressions he managed to capture on his birds.  In 1959, Roy moved back to Alex Bay, NY and was still carving pieces for Abercrombie & Fitch in New York, NY.


Condition:  Near Mint, very few minor marks