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A&M Decoys & Folk Art

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Interview with Mike Martin from A&M Decoys & Folk Art and show coverage by Rick Russack from Antiques And The Arts Weekly.  We discuss the importance of collectors educating themselves and some good ways to go about it.  As Mike recalls from his mentors, Jon Deter & Russ Goldberger, handling as many quality decoys and reading as many publications as possible are arguably the best way to train ones eye and knowledge on the subject.  Click the blue link to read the full article...
A&M Decoys & Folk Art - Aly Martin - Elmer Crowell Black Duck Decoy New England Decoy Show
Antiques and the arts weekly - A&M Decoys & Folk Art - Mike Martin - Elmer Crowell Carved Wing Golden Plover Shorebird Decoy
Antiques and the arts weekly - Mike Martin - A&M Decoys & Folk Art - New England Decoy Show - Duck Decoys
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