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From Satisfied Consignors and Buyers

Midwest Consignor --

"I'm glad I contacted you because you definitely put forth the extra effort in background research to sell the decoys"
North Carolina Collector -- 
"I appreciate everything you've done.  You have a friend and you'll have a repeat customer in me!"
1948 Canvasback Pair - Ward Brothers - A&M Decoys & Folk Art
Rare Carved Wing Golden Plover Shorebird Decoy - Elmer Crowell - A&M Decoys & Folk Art
Massachusetts Collector --
"My first purchase (with you) and it was smooth as silk.  Very easy to deal with, will do more business in the near future"
Southern Consignor --
"Thank you for your assistance in liquidating my collection.  It's nice to see a younger face in this business."
Rare Paint Eye Redhead Drake - Mason Decoy Factory - A&M Decoys & Folk Art
Wooden Carved Trout Creel - Emile Robichaud - A&M Decoys & Folk Art
Rare Challenge Grade Merganser Hen - Mason Decoy Factory - A&M Decoys & Folk Art
Southern New England Consignor --
"Thanks for taking the time to find the highest paying buyer for my decoys.  I will be sure to consign with you in the future"
Southern Quebec Collector --
"Thank you so much..... You're a gentleman..... (This is) a beautiful bird going to my museum"
Black Duck Decoy - George Boyd - A&M Decoys & Folk Art
Texas Collector --
"We have your website saved as one of our favorites!  As usual, the description was spot on and we are VERY happy with our latest addition!"
Rare Wood Duck Drake - Elmer Crowell - A&M Decoys & Folk Art
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