Cataloging Service

professional consistent finish for auction houses, private clients, and museums

- New Service Spring 2022 -

Complete Package

Servicing auction houses, museums, and individual collectors.

Allow us to handle all of your cataloging needs and interests.  Wether its a single important item, a whole collection, or an entire auction we can do it all providing a top quality professional finish.


Photo Editing

No professional photos?  No problem.


Just send high resolution copies taken in well lit environments and we can do the rest!  If you have professional pictures we can use those and easily remove a background for creative cataloging.  When handling partial / full collections or whole auctions, part of your cataloging package comes with a hard drive to mail us copies of the hi-res images.

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Professional Finish

You've either spent a lot on your personal collection, are in charge of important antiquities, or are providing a top quality auction representing your brand.


Don't settle for less than top of the line cataloging.  We'll collaborate with you to create a finished product you'll be proud to show off and have for record.  We provide a print ready digital publication allowing you to print whenever or however you like, or alter, add, or remove items with ease... a favorite option for active collectors.



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