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Confidential Auction Representation

Let us competitively and discreetly represent you at auction!  We travel to all major auctions and can provide hands on independent opinions for your respective lots.

Prior to executing agreed bids on your behalf, we will inspect the lots of interest to ensure they meet your standards and understanding of the listings.  Any variances will be immediately discussed and signed off on prior to bidding.

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Important reasons clients retain our representation services at auction:
- to mitigate regular failure of online bidding platforms and faulty phone connections

- they cannot attend in person

- they wish to remain anonymous

- prefer independent counsel beforehand

- they value our competitive bidding style to ensure lowest prices paid

Request for representation

Thanks for submitting! If you don't hear back in two days the message may not have gone through

Secure your representation at auction sooner than later as we require cleared funds prior to bid execution!  Our representation fee is 10% of the entire purchase price.  NO FEE IS DUE IF NOT WON

We expeditiously ship in-house meaning you not only get your items faster, but far cheaper than any auction house shipping.  We ship international as well.  If export protections are of concern please express those concerns no less than two weeks before the auction date.

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