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Black Duck Decoy

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick (1887-1958)
Delanco, NJ, c. 1930's



Incredibly dry and well preserved example with an exceptional 2 color paint scheme exceeding the quality of most of his black duck paint jobs.  The body is hollow and retains its original leather thong and lead pad weight.  The content snuggled head is detailed with hundreds of paint ticks, glass eyes, and bill carved details.  Classic to regional style, the wing tips are raised into a 'V' with groved lines and the tail feathers are relief carved in a step down pattern.


It is interesting to note that in the paint application Tom forgot to paint the feathering details on the right side of the raised 'V' wing!


Condition: 100% original, slight rubbing on tail feathers, slight separation at seam with local wear. Couple dents in back


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Black Duck Decoy - Tom Fitzpatrick


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