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Rare Early Flying Seagull 

Arthur & Jess Blackstone (1909-1988)

Melrose, MA, c. 1930's

base is 7" long


Flying seagull with outstretched wings gracefully positioned in the appearance of taking off, held up by a thin brass strip.  The strip goes through the thin wood plaque and is attached on the backside.  The plaque is holed to be placed on a wall but appears just as enjoyable on a flat surface.  


Jess Blackstone's father, Arthur, was his guide into the natural world of ornithology and bird carving.  From Jess' youth, Arthur was carving birds with fairly good detail and most all of his birds are marked with an 'A.M. Blackstone' ink stamp with the address underneath, or a simple 'Blackstone'.  In the 1930's, Jess was growing discontented with his life as a sign painter and wanted to begin applying his painting abilities to carving.  In this period he began carving with his father where they utilized a gold foil label saying 'Hand Carved and Painted by Blackstone'.


Condition:  Very good and original with slight discoloration to the body and a few small specks of discoloration under the left wing tip.


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Rare Early Seagull - Jess Blackstone


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