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Early Premier Black Duck
Mason Decoy Factory (1895-1926)
Detroit, MI c.1900-05



Iconic style and paint.  Regarded as an era of Mason's finest style, and from the same era as the famous G.K. Schmidt Mallards.


The decoy boasts original, rich, thick swirled paint, a snakey neck, and a sturdy slightly upward curved bill.  Even having the remnants of the sought after Premier ink stamp on the bottom.  The surface has a soft patina and the paint has been preserved incredibly well.  The speculums are bright and bold, and the gold ribbon speculums and looping are just as vibrant.  Interestingly the bill is partially drab green, and partially yellow, the two bill colors mason would use to discern the differences in species.


Decades ago the decoy was removed from service and so commonly had the weight crudely taken off the bottom to be felted for display.  Along the way the felt has since been removed showing original rigging holes and the remnants of a white Premier ink stamp.


Condition: Original in very good condition.  Tail chip repair by Russ Allen, mostly using the original piece that was chipped out.  A couple spots of paint flake or loss, mostly around a knot on the left side.  Small dent on the back side.  Right side of neck has some paint separation at the seam.


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Premier Black Duck - Mason Decoy Factory


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