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Black Duck

Captain Tom Cornicelli (b.1951)

East Moriches, Long Island, NY c.1993


Fine working black duck decoy by Long Island native and guide Tom Cornicelli. 


Cornicelli is an awarded carver and sportsman.  Carving since 1987, Tom's decoys quickly went from quality decoys he would use in his outfitting service to competition quality material on the world class stage.  Since 1992 he has consistently placed in numerous shows throughout the country. He's won “Best in Show Honors” World Gunning Pairs Division at the World’s 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007 Competitions.  Eventually having worked with Avery to assist in their GHG line up.


The decoy is a multiple ribbon winning bird and comes with three ribbons.  Life-like alert form with the head slightly turned off to the left.  The facial features are acurately sculpted and the bill is detailed.  The wing-tips are crossed and raised, with the right wing sligtly lifted as often seen as the bird is adjusting after preening.  Clean simple paint with scratch feathering on the head and neck.


Branded on underside, and signed and dated in marker.


Condition:  Mint



Private collection NJ aqcuired direct from artist

Black Duck - Tom Cornicelli


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