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Canvasback Drake

Duncan Ducharme (1912-1972)

St. Ambroise, Manitoba c.1940's



Duncan Ducharme worked as a guide, decoy carver, trapper, and fisherman from his home in St. Ambrose, Manitoba.  His main area of work was on Lake Manitoba and the Delta Marsh cresting the southern edge of the lake.  The Métis carver developed his own personal style based on the teaching of his father and uncle, Little Joe and Dan Ducharme.  The iconic look is a readily identifiable profile with a long sloping protruded breast and a simple set back head.  Appearing as fantastic Canadian folk art, the decoys were said to be incredibly realistic on the water.  The 'backwards' looking construction in hand created a near life-like posture on the water.


The family carved decoys for wealthy sports such as James Ford Bell, the founder of General Mills Co. and instrumental in the establishment of the Delta Waterfowl Research station.  As well as Bob Gaylord, an American industrialist and supporter of the Delta Waterfowl Research Station and Ducks Unlimited.


This decoy retains much of its originality including the keel.  At one point a hunter applied new red paint to the head, which has worn off a bit to show the remainder of the original red.


Condition:  Original with red hunter over paint on the head.  Some tight surface cracks on the body, and head.



Marty Hanson

Private Collection, acquired from above


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Canvasback Drake - Duncan Ducharme


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