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Canvasback Pair

Davey W. Nichol (1890-1977)

Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, c. March 1960



Nicely preserved examples of Davey's decoys circa Jan-March 1960.  The pair were made for Paul Crum, along with 12 other Davey Nichol decoys.  We're fortunate to have numerous correspondence letters between Mr. Crum and Mr. Nichol, which will be passed on to the new owner.  


"I can supply you with any duck, gallinule, diver, or coot that can be found north of the Mexican border"  -  Davey Nichol, October 18th, 1959


The letters, inhand with the decoys, offer great insight into the Nichol operation at that time.  From how incredibly busy he was, to how he viewed his product in the market.  His remark at the end of this letter reminding the market that there's a possibility of all of these species in excistence.  Earlier in this particular letter, Davey even poked fun at the idea that he will fulfill Mr. Crum's order assuming he lives long enough to do it.


The pair have been kept in rather pristine condition with bone dry surfaces, a highly desireable feature not commonly seen on Nichol decoys today.  Both the drake and then hen have thick comb painted bodies with riased and separated wings.  One majoy primary feather is releif carved with many flight feathers carved out in a step down pattern.  Same is seen to the sligtly raised tail feathers on top of the broad tails.


Condition: Near mint with some spots of sheen discoloration in the bills and a few puppy chew marks on the drakes bill


Paul Crum acquired direct from artist

Private Collection PA

Canvasback Pair - Davey Nichol


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