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Jim Schmiedlin (1945-2015)

Bradford Woods, PA, 1992


Jim's carvings are amongst the most sought after of any gunning decoy maker who carved in the last 70 years. Here is an exceptional and rare opportunity to acquire a nicely carved Goldeneye Drake.


Though Jim mastered his own unique, original, and highly identifiable look, one would be remis if they don't look at this decoy and immediately recognize the influence of the 'Father of American Bird Carving' A. Elmer Crowell (1862-1952) East Harwich, MA. The head design, carved wings, and carved tail treatment reflect a studious awareness of Elmer, who utilized incising, relief carved wing-tips, and blended paint to impart a sense of realism in the rig. The carved details reflect the level of technical creation by an ardent observer of the waterfowl he hunted and sought to achieve in wood.


This hollow carved decoy displays highly sought after carved-wings, relief carving around the ends of the primary wings, and layered incised tail feathers.  In a special touch to the species, he deeply gouged out the black to white feather tufts down the back of the decoy.  The head is low and contented, turned to the left and ever so slightly angled imparting a curious attitude in the decoy.  As usual, Jim didn't miss the mark on painting this decoy. Jim's painting technique provides a visually and physically textured surface replicating feathering in his own perfectly mastered way. The decoy retains its original keel and rigging.  Bears its created date, the JAS brand, as well as Jim's famous 'Reward for Return' label.


Condition: Original with moderate gunning wear.  Some stable separation in the wood in the middle layer likely due to being struck by some shot.  A couple spots on the front left chest of the bird where white paint has been worn to wood


*List price is Check or Cash price.  Online payment purchases will have an additional 5% processing fee surcharge.  Please contact with any questions!  Thank you for your business!

Goldeneye Drake - Jim Schmiedlin


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