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Goldeneye Drake

Jim Schmiedlin (1945-2015)

Bradford Woods, PA, 1982


Carved from cypruss and initially gifted to a friend in September of the same year.  24 years later in 2007, the decoy was reaquired by Jim as part of his collection.  Bearing the Schmiedlin collection stamp on the right side of the large keel.  The story of the decoy's pre-working adventure is written on the left side of the keel.  When Jim acquired the decoy back in 2007 he put some "paint work" into the paint on the back and "re-activated" it back into service on December 4th, 2009 with a hunt in which they ended up getting no goldeneyes.  From there it served in a couple more hunts before being retired again.


The decoy is large bodied and hollow carved. The head is turned off to the right and has deeply carved tufts into the drakes head.  Large carved primary feathers with barely crossed wing tips and a flutted tail.


Condition: Light working wear with most of the black and white on the back being brought up to a more appealing paint pattern by Jim in 2007


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Goldeneye Drake - Jim Schmiedlin


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