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Near mint 3/4 Mallard Drake by Cleon Stanley Crowell (1891-1961), East Harwich, MA c.1961. Excellent paint and form with a slightly turned head. Carved bill details and rasped head. Signed and dated by carver under neat. Struck with the famous rectangular stamp.


Historically important example as this shows the true dated quality of Cleon's work. Not many of Cleon's carvings are signed and with both Cleon and his father, Elmer, working closely together, signed examples in a period after Elmer's passing become significant tools to help identify other pieces claimed as solely by Elmer. Having passed in December of 1961, this carving is one of Cleon's last.


Condition: Near mint with a tight age check in the neck.


Mallard Drake - Cleon Crowell


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