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Premier Mallard Pair

Mason Decoy Factory (1896-1924)

Detroit, MI c.1905



Highly desireable early snakey neck model with the exagerated stylized bills.  Both have been varnished with the drake retaining some news paper print on the side and the hen retaining vibrant sponging on the sides.  Both retain the Haertel ink collection stamps.


Condition: Both have been varnish with areas of varnish being lighter on the surface.  Both have been lightly hit by shot, the drake more than the hen.  Hen has touch up under the bill, a tight age check in the back and tough up to the left edge of the tail 2" over probable repair.  Remaining edge rubbed to bare wood.  Drake has ring of early touch up around a set neck crack. Touch up on the top side white of the tail on the right side.  Including the black feather lines for roughly 2.75".  Underside has some touch up but to a smaller section.  Appears to be over original wood.




Haertel Collection
Larry Lunman Collection


Larry Lunman, "My Favorite Five Decoy Pairs," Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine, November/December, 2018, pp. 28-29 exact pair pictured.



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Mallard Pair - Mason Decoy Factory


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