Mallard Pair - Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard Pair - Mason Decoy Factory

Matched Standard Grade pair of Mallards by the Mason Decoy Factory c.1915.  Glasseyes with strong original paint including nice sponged paint detail on the Hen.


Though among the most common of the grades sold, it's rare to find the cheaper grade Masons remaining in this original quality today due to the fact that most were used hard and for many seasons.  It appears that in this case due to the paint, these are a rig pair that were painted by the same hand for the same order and have likely spent their entire existence together.  Mason was known for its premium paint and the unique, slighlty off center paint on both of these, with the same back looping patterns suggest the same hand painted this pair.  In my opinion making this pair a pretty unique find for a Mason collector.



Condition: Original paint and neck filler.  Thin varnish application.  Varnish drip under hens bill. Unknown darkening to a patch on the rear left of the drake that extends half way under the tail.  A few tight age splits, only on the undersides as shown.



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