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Miniature Bald Eagle

Russ P. Burr (1887-1955)

Hingham, MA, c. 1930

6.25” tall


Rare and regal Bald Eagle miniature on a classic crafted driftwood base by the 'master of movement'. It's accurately described in Joseph Ellis' book Birds in Wood and Paint, "It is fair to say that Burr's painting executuion fell short of the painting done by many other carvers... However, this is more than made up for by the exciting postures and movement he achieved in his subjects". A succesfull carver and ardent sportsmen, he sold his miniatures through his home and stores like Abercrombie & Fitch in NYC with the main goal to be able to fund a few hunting trips north to Maine & New Hampshire each year.


This carving displays out stretched wings with an open calling beak and fanned out tail. The wings are carved underneath and nicely carved on the backs. The fanned out tail is edged to simulate individual feathers and incised on the top as well. Small painted toes are on the driftwood.


The underside bears his ink makers stamp RUSS P. BURR HINGHAM, MASS. The Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT holds a significant collection of his work.


Condition: Entirely original with some paint loss to the front right wing edge as well as some discoloration in the head.  Small dent on topside of right wing.  Drift wood base has flaked a little around the toes removing some of the painted detail


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Miniature Bald Eagle - Russ Burr


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