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Juvenile Golden Plover

Unknown, Nantucket c.1860's



Nantucket Golden Plover with unmistakable form.


The carver of this shorebird was subtle and took time. Where the bottom white belly meets the black back is a defined angular edge, running from the tail up to the front of the wings. Once reaching the front of the wings the carver slightly bevelled the body to give a soft lift to the wing that rises up and goes down the back to the tail. The paint is unique as well. Though the overall pattern is relatively similar to many makers from that area, the artist painted beautiful and elaborate feathers, almost as if to try to paint each feather individually. The feathering turns to dotting near the head where a mixture of predominately black dots are mixed with small gold dots and fiant white sponging. Gold dots are then strewn across the back indicating this as a golden plover. Typical to a juvenile, the bird has a white painted belly with thick black spots and elongated black feathering around the painted eyes.


Underside bears a small imprinted 'F' for the Joe French collection as well as a couple other small collection numbers.


Condition: Strong original condition with paint flaking at wood grain seams predominantely on the chest, left side, and belly. Short and tight check in the rear left from aging.



ex. Joseph French collection

Nantucket Juvenile Golden Plover


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