Pintail Drake - Elmer Crowell

Pintail Drake - Elmer Crowell

Diminutive decorative Pintail drake decoy by Elmer/Cleon Crowell c.1935.  Roughly 3/4 in size to a life-size Pintail duck. Excellent original paint with great form exhibiting a slightly lifted and turned head.  Premium glass eyes, carved bill, nostrils, and mandible with bold rasping on the head and chest.  Rectangular stamp in underside of the carving.


Condition:  Near mint with dried sap bleed through a knot on right side and slight paint tightness behind the speculum on the left side.  Minor paint rub on tail tip.




Exact decoy Guyette & Schmidt 'Lot 218 - St.Michaels MD 2004'

Private collection acquired from above