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Rare Hollow Bluebill Hen

Davey W. Nichol (1890-1977)

Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, c. 1950's



Exceptionally crafted bluebill hen in the intricate style of Addie & D.K. Nichol. Believed by author and Nichol historian, Larry Lunman, to possibly be one of a kind, which Davey made for himself shortly after retirement. Displaying raised and then relief carved out wings, with feather layering going down the tail and loop incised feathers down the side. The back of the slightly turned head has relief carved feathering with checking to provide texture along with carved bill details. Scratch feather paint is applied to the body providing additional texture to the surface. Hollow carved out from the bottom with the applied bottom board, in his family's style of hollowing.


DWN-99 is stamped into the bottom of the decoy


Condition: Near mint with minor rubs



Larry Lunman Collection



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Rare Hollow Bluebill Hen - Davey Nichol


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