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Rare Life-size Flying Blue Wing Teal Drake

Roy Conklin (1909-1967)

Alexandria Bay, NY c.1940



In a market where Roy Conklin's decorative wood duck drake achieved $5,700, and a pair of his goldeneyes achieved $7,200, it's almost inconceivable that a piece as rare and fine as this could not be considered a great buy.  No life size Conklin fliers have ever come to public auction in the last 20-30 years for any species.  Making them a far rarer find than prized Chauncey Wheeler fliers.


Around 1929, Roy was working seasonal occupations including as a fishing guide and boat captain.  While not working, Roy was actively carving with Chauncey Wheeler (1862-1937) and Frank Coombs (1882-1958).  Their efforts to create sculptural and finely painted decoys influced Roy greatly in not only what he made but how he made them.  With all the sculptural elegance of his mentor, Roy was able to impart his own touch in the form of vibrant paint.  The combination of which famous painter, Lynn Bogue Hunt would come to publicly compliment him for later on in life.


Finely preserved example with bright original paint.  The body, neck, and bill are carved from one piece.  The bill has Roy's classic animated deep carving.  With a yellow glass eye identical to the ones used by Chauncey Wheeler in his flying teal.  The leg is inserted and the wing is held in place with roughly 6 finishing nails.


Condition:  Near mint.  Small paint loss to the wall side of the bill.  Filler cap has lifted off of one of the nails holding on the wing with most others showing small lift. Thin separation in the paint where the front of the wing meets the back of the body.


*List price is Check or Cash price.  Online payment purchases will have an additional 5% processing fee surcharge.  Please contact with any questions!  Thank you for your business!

Rare Life-size Blue Wing Teal - Roy Conklin


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